A very warm welcome to Faye Espley Therapies.

I offer a variety of treatments for your health and well being, whether that’s for releasing tight muscles, managing chronic pain or for pure relaxation.  More often then not I blend techniques to provide a signature treatment which is bespoke to you the individual. I can of course use one technique only.

I offer Advanced clinical/sports massage, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point release, Myofascial release techniques, Stretching, Swedish massage, Hot Stone massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage, Pregnancy reflexology and natural face-lift massage.

If you have any questions please do contact me.

*Covid-19 Update*

I am currently working.

All consultations and Covid-19 screening are done prior to a treatment, these are carried out virtually (Zoom/facetime) or on the phone. During the session I will be wearing PPE which includes a Type II face mask, visor, apron and gloves. The room is fully ventilated and disinfected between each client, I allow 45 minutes to do this.  You will be required to wear a face covering throughout your session.

Advanced Clinical Massage

Advanced Clinical massage therapy is a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques, it is great for the treatment of chronic pain & injury.

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Aromatherapy & Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic essential oils from healing plants, flowers, trees, fruits, barks, grasses and seeds to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Reflexology is based on ancient eastern principles that there are reflex points and zones on the feet, hands, and head that are believed to correspond to areas or organs of the body.

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Pregnancy massage is a nurturing and relaxing massage which takes the special needs of the mother to be into consideration.

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Natural facelift

This beautiful natural treatment uses a combination of massage techniques that have their origins in the ancient healing methods of Japan and India along with acupressure and facial reflexology.

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Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Hot Stone Massage Fusion is a luxurious treatment using naturally shaped basalt stones, then heated and used to massage the body.

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