Aromatherapy & Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic essential oils from healing plants, flowers, trees, fruits, barks, grasses and seeds to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Essential oils are extracted from the plant usually by distillation. They have individual chemical constituents which give them unique therapeutic properties. Essential oils can be used in massage, inhalations, aromatic baths, ointments and compresses.

Massage is a fantastic way to experience aromatherapy, the combination of therapeutic touch to ease muscles and the blend of the oils which are absorbed through the skin make it a wonderful treatment that lasts way beyond the treatment room.

Each Client has an Individual bespoke blend made, chosen from over 60 oils. I use high quality essential oils (organic where possible). The essential oils are blended into a base oil. I choose from a wide range of base oils. All oils will be chosen according to the client’s needs and taking into account a client’s physical & emotional presentations with their desired outcome.

60 mins £42